Lightweight-Davits in carbon fiber for smaller loads


Carbon Lightweight Davits-Cranes

Flamingo model

The carbon davits, model Flamingo, are designed to lift lighter load compared with the model Folding.
For example to lift a motor.

They are very light and therefore, extremely easy to hand.

The folding system with fast pin permits a fast and easy stowage in reduced spaces for this Carbon Crane.

The Flamingo model includes 4 versions:
  • Flamingo 1100,
  • Flamingo 1400.
  • Flamingo 1700.
  • Flamingo 2000.
The FEMdavits range includes more models as you can verify on the menu.

Carbon davit model FEM Flamingo 1100 with external housing; reach 1100; SWL 150 Kg Carbon davit model FEM Flamingo 2000 with e; reach 2000; SWL 150 Kg
REACH = 1100 MM
SWL = 150 Kg
REACH = 2000 MM
SWL = 150 Kg
WEIGHT = 12 Kg

Video of the Foldable Davit System

Technical specification and properties:

  • The davits are foldable (similar to the Folding models but for a smaller SWL);
    • so they need a smaller space to be stored.
  • Builded in carbon fiber (prepreg) and cured in autoclave;
    • this means they are very light and therefore very easy to handle;
    • no corrosion problems
    • lightweight carbon davit in carbon fiber
      Fig 1 - Flamingo 1100
  • The davits are inserted in a socket fixed on the deck;
    • this permits at the crane to rotate 360° around the vertical axis;
    • you can install more sockets to use the same davit in more point of the boat;
    • socket depth about 300mm.
  • If you have problems of space underneath the deck, then we can supply an external socket fitted directly around the davit;
      lightweight carbon davit of different size and configuration
      Fig 2 - Flamingo 1100 with a special electric winch
    • these sockets can be joined to the deck in two ways:
      • with a fast lock system (in 10 second you lock the davit in safe way)
      • with 4 or 5 (it depends by the models) hand screws. This is a cheaper system .
      •   Lightweight foldable davit   
        Fig 3 - Flamingo 1100 foldable in carbon fiber
  • Winch Harken ( or Lewmar);
    • the winch and the clutch can be positioned also in the vertical side .
  • Purchase with ratio 3:1.
  • Clutch of Spinlock ( or Lewmar).
  • Finishing: standard white or custom colours or carbon look.
  •   lightweight carbon davit of different size and configuration   
    Fig 4 - Flamingo 2000

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