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bimini boat
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The design of sundeck awnings involving multiple skills of the Designer.

Taste and attention to details so that the awning is well integrated with the style of the yacht, the correct choice of materials, structural sizing optimal way to minimize the weight while maintaining an adequate safety factor, detailed design of the mechanisms of moving parts, proper engineering of the product.

In fact, at times, the design of large bimini require transport by road from the shipyard to the yacht on which to install and thus the need of a wise division of the parties  together  with the right choice of joining technique.

For example, the need to avoid the use of glues that are always at risk spot on yachts that are in an advanced state of finish, and ensure the right fit at the points of constraint

The images describe some bimini for yachts we have structurally designedor we have completely manufactured.

The movie shows a bimini we have produced with automated front screen and canvas.

the mechanism to operate the glass is electric without piston and so ver light.

Construction is in composite materials: carbon fiber and glass fiber with sandwich structure to contain weight and costs values while maintaining a safety factor for the strength and stiffness by using FEM analysis.

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