Twin cranes to lift dinghy on boats


Cranes and Davits to lift Dinghies

Folding model


Carbon yacht davits to install on boats in twin way to lift and support tender and dinghy.
By using the Classic model, it is possible llift high load having a weight ligtly inferior compared to the Folding model but giving up at the foldable system for a better stowage.

The Classic models with base are two:

  • Classic 1500 and
  • Classic 2000.
On the menu it is possible to see the other models of the FEMdavits range.

Carbon davit model FEM Classic 1500 with base to install on the deck; reach 1500; SWL 500 Kg Carbon davit model FEM Classic 2000 with base to install on the transom; reach 2000; SWL 500 Kg
CLASSIC 1500 deck
REACH = 1500 MM
SWL each one = 500 Kg
WEIGHT = 20 Kg
CLASSIC 2000 transom
REACH = 2000 MM
SWL each one = 500 Kg
WEIGHT = 22 Kg

Technical specification and properties:.

Tender davits
  • The davits are builded in carbon fiber (prepreg) and cured in autoclave;
      Fem Classic - dinghy davits
      Fig 1 - Dinghy davits with the classic model
    • this means they are very light and therefore very easy to handle;
    • no corrosion problems
  • The Davits can be connected:
    • on horizontal surface, for example a deck;
    • on vertical or inclined surface like the transom of a boat.
  • The connecting base are of three type:
    • a fast lock system with traslation ;
    • Carbon fiber davits for dinghies installed on a sailboat
      Fig 2 - Davits to lift dinghies with the model Classic 1500
    • a fast lock system with rotation 45° (both the solutions need of only some second )
    • a system with 4 or five hand screws (it depend by the models) This is a cheaper system.
  • When the cranes are removed, the housings are covered by screwing plugs in polished stainless steel.
  • Winch Harken ( or Lewmar);
        Carbon davit installed on a yacht to lift a rib   
      Fig 3 - Davit to lift ribs
    • the winch are manual;
    • the winch and the clutch can be positioned also in the vertical side of the davit.
  • Purchase with ratio 3:1.
  • Clutch of Spinlock ( or Lewmar).
  • Finishing: standard white or custom colours or carbon look.
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