Customised davit system made in carbon fiber


Custom Davit System in Carbon Fiber

Custom model


Video of the yacht with the davits.

FEMstrutture, togheter at the standard models of the range FEMdavits, offers also the possibility to customise the existing models or to build new custom davit systems in carbon fiber.

In this page is showed an example of customization with a couple of davits built for Baltic Yachts.

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Customised sistem of crane manufactured for  Baltic Yachts
REACH = 1700 MM
SWL = 1000 Kg
WEIGHT = 50 Kg
Recessed jammer to lock the lifting line
Fig 1 -Jammers

Technical specification and properties:

  • The Davits are built in carbon fiber (infusion);
    • this means they are very light;
    • no corrosion problems
  • The davits are inserted in a socket fixed on the deck;
    • this permits at the crane to rotate 360° around the vertical axis;
    • the davits are removable;
    Couple of davits with adjustable heigh system
    Fig 2 - Custom Davits
  • The principal characteristic of this davit is the possibility of adjusting the height with a mechanism that use the same handle of the winch to be operated.
  • Winch Harken;
    • manual winch ;
    • winch and mechanism positioned on the vertical side .
  • Purchase with ratio 2:1.
  • Lifting lines hidden inside the cranes.
  • Jammer of Spinlock.
  • Finishing: white Awlgrip.
   System with a couple of davits to lift a dinghy  Fig 3 - Davit system.
   Couple of davits installed on the yacht to manage the tender  Fig 3 - Davits on yacht.
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