Telescopic aluminum gangway for offshore plants

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Telescopic Offshore Gangway in Aluminium

Model 15m

Telescopic gangway made of aluminium and suitable for marine use like an offshore plant

The gangway in this example can rotate vertically and horizontally and it has self-aligning treads.

A detailed design of the mechanism of sliding together with a structural analysis performed using FEM tools, it gives as result a very compact and lightweight gangway.

On the left the types of gangways produced by FEMstrutture.

Telescopic and rotating gangway in aluminium model 15m
SWL = 3500 Kg

Video : Telescopic aluminium gangway

Technical specifications and properties:

  • Telescopic gangway in aluminium.
  • It is a special project to have a product very light and compact maintaining the elevated safety factor requested by the regulations.
  • It can rotate vertically and horizontally.
  • Self aligning treads.
  • The material have been chosen to have a product with an elevated resistance to the corrosion (for example the steel components are all in AISI 316).
  • It can be operated by a jib crane or you can have one automated system.
  • Bumpers system to absorb accidental impacts during the sliding of the telescopic part.
  • It can be supplied with or without boarding ladder.


Gangway for ship with self aligning treads in aluminium and telescopic
Fig 1 - Gangway in aluminium with self aligning treads
Ship offshore gangway
Fig 2 - Gangway in aluminium with self aligning treads
Aluminum gangway with self aligning treads
Fig 3 - Gangway in aluminium with self aligning treads
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