FEmstrutture folding gangway in carbon fiber

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Carbon Fiber Folding Gangway for Boats

Model 2850


Removable and folding gangway for the boarding on yachts and in boats in general. Very light and therefore easy to stow.

The folding FEMgangway can have two type of automated system to facilitate the using by only one person:

  • a self-locking system to avoid the rotation on the horizontal plane;
  • an automatic system to open the gangway
The other types of gangway supplied by FEMstrutture are showed on the left.

PFolding gangway in carbon fiber model 2850
SWL = 350 Kg

Technical specifications and properties:

  • The gangway is foldable.
  • Frame in carbon fiber (standard modulus and cured in autoclave)
  • Pivoting pin on the boat side.
  • two wheels on the dock side
  • Rough state of a folding passerelle for boats
    Fig 1 - Foldable gangway with fast extraction stanchions
  • Finish: standard white.
  • Anti slip walkway.
  • Carbon stanchions.
  • Possibility to insert the stanchions on both the sides.
  • Fast lock system of the stanchions.
  • Distributed SWL of 350 Kg. (more upon request)
  • Safety factor more than 3 on the ultimate stress of the materials.
  • Weight about 7 Kg for the model 2200 and about 11 Kg for the model 2850.

Main Optional

Folding gangway with automatic system of closing
Fig 2 - Automatic folding gangway with remote control.
  • System to join and lock automatically the gangway at the rotation respect the vertical axis:
    • When the gangway moves down toward the dock, this system locks automatically the horizontal rotation in the position chosen . The descent is not instable.
    • Furthermore this locking system implies two advantages:
      • The gangway does not need of tie rods when is open;
      • the locking system has also a valence of anti-theft.
      Details of the hinge and electric cable for the automatic system and leds
      Fig 3 -Foldable gangway with leds
    • Being the gangway locked to the horizontal rotation, on the dock side the wheels will be pivoting.
  • System of automatic closing. It is composed by a kinematics and it is operated electrically to permit the opening / closing of the gangway by pushing a wired button or a remote control.


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