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Mechanism Designing

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Mechanisms Design
steering system leverage
analisi fem losca
rudder system
propulsion system
mechanism FE analysis
meccanismo di propulsione
meccanismo deriva mobile
lifting keel mechanism
foldable gangway
awnings mechanisms
As mechanical design Studio we furnish structural analysis and mechanism design of parts such as:
  • Mechanisms for lifting keel,

  • Propulsion systems,

  • Steering system parts,

  • Or even the production as awnings and aluminium gangways.
The images represent some examples of product that has seen us involved as a consultant and mechanical design especially in the marine field.
The choice of materials, and its coupling plays a very important aspect especially in naval design, where, because of the particular aggressiveness of the environment of use, it requires care to avoid phenomena such as electrochemical or galvanic corrosion.

But other factors to take into account are the search for the containment of the weight, more and more important, or factors of not immediate evaluation such as the ability to resist to fatigue that is critical especially in mechanisms in movement.

All activities of structural calculations, performed by means of FEM software, are followed by a detailed final report to be provided to the customer along with their structural drawings.
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