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Our experience on structural design of motor boats and their components goes from the slow goiters to the racing boats up to the multihull.

The use of structural optimization techniques such as FEM analysis on boats racing is obvious.

But even on goiters has its importance when they decide some constructive choices technologically advanced.

For example, in the goiter shown in some images, to try to improve the production process, it was decided to define the geometry of the floor so that it could serve as a structural cobweb for the hull.

In this case, the only use of the codes, provided by the offices of classification, are difficult to use if not impossible.

Instead, with a correct modelling of the boat, the finite element analysis provides an accurate picture of which is the stress state in the various loading conditions and therefore establish a proper plan of lamination.

Similar considerations can be made on boats that have a particular geometry as the trimaran in the pictures.

Clearly, if required, FEMstrutture may also provide assistance to engineering process and not only of the product as, for example, was done with the Wally Tender 45.

Or we can provide design service and / or consulting on individual components such as propulsion systems, rudders or even the design and manufacture of bimini for yachts.

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